Super happy to have been a part of the upcoming LKFFCT full length. Loved working with these dudes. Lotta gems on this album. Here’s one of my favorite tracks, “Duffle Bags.” Album out within the coming months. RIYL Wavves, Brand New, Title Fight.

All Sensory Void

This is the 5th ASV record I’ve worked on, but the 1st full band record as a trio. Big muff’d alternative guitar rock heaven. Check out track “Desire” below. Album out February 4, 2016. RIYL Smashing Pumpkins, Husker Dü, Superchunk.

Unruly Mane

These 2 from NYC create big folk influenced pop music. Lot of fun working on this first album that’ll be released this year. Check out their single “Settle Down.” RIYL The Civil Wars, Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men.

Ruby Roses

Fine young gentlemen based right here in Wayne, NJ. Currently mixing their upcoming full length of 12 poppy guitar jams. No tracks released yet, but here’s a little clip working out the strings from a cello and violin session for one of the new songs. Cello 4 lyfe.

Dylan Dilella

Recently worked on a experimental solo guitar record for Dylan of NYC death metal band Pyrrhon. These dudes were named New York City’s Best Metal Band by The Village Voice. Definitely check em out if you like metal because they kick ass. Dylan recorded 8 tracks of pure stream of consciousness guitar playing. Haven’t worked on too much metal recently, so this was really awesome.