This week in the studio, we’ve been busy wrapping up some projects and beginning some new ones. Quick update below!


Excited to be starting to mix new music from Adam and the Plants. I worked on the band’s previous full length, “The End Of The World” last winter. They remind me of sweet indie rock bands like The Thermals or Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. The guys recorded their last release themselves in their practice space, then I mixed it here at the studio. Definitely has a cool sound. I’ll share the new stuff we’re doing now when it comes out. In the meantime, you can check out a few of my favorite tracks from the first record below.


Max from LKFFCT stopped by the studio yesterday to hang out and make a few final master adjustments for their upcoming record “Flower Investment Pawn.” It’s sounding awesome. We recorded the basic tracks for this live. No release date yet, but they’ll be putting out another single soon that I’ll share with you guys here. I posted the track “Duffle Bags” previously, but here are the first two singles they officially released for this album.


1st Masters are complete for this album. These were actually the first sessions we had the new Bock 251 microphone for. Love that thing. Some singles should be released soon. Pics from tracking below…