Silver Sound Showdown 7

As a sponsor of the Silver Sound Showdown Festival, I master the battle of the bands portion of the festival. The show takes place at Brooklyn Bowl every January. Silver Sound is an amazing Emmy Award-winning post-production studio in Manhattan. They regularly work with companies like Facebook, Vice, HBO, and Pitchfork. Check out a track below of a sweet band called Frances Cone I mastered from this years show. Great song.

Aaron Mazie

Aaron Mazie was in the studio for a couple days this past week to have me master his self-recorded and produced upcoming EP of heavy breakbeats layered with old 70s soul samples. On top of that, he records heavily distorted vocals and gritty electric guitar. Was a really fun and original project to be a part of. Below, you can preview a short clip from our session of the song “Trill.”

Unruly Mane

Now wrapping up the debut album for my favorite New York folk-pop duo, Unruly Mane. We will be completing the last few tracks over the coming weeks. Pumped to share this one with you guys! Some session pics below…