A great time all around in the studio working on some fun projects recently!

  Currently rounding the tail end of recording for Tory Daines’ (Those Mockingbirds) debut solo record under the name Fair Panic. These past couple weeks, we’ve recorded cello, sax, electric guitar, drums, bass, vocals etc. Ton of great musicians/good people on this album.

  This past month, Brooklyn’s Bloody Your Hands have been back in the studio recording the follow up full length to their last record, Paper Cuts (2015). Finished tracking and now on to mixing and mastering. Love these guys.

  We also had a particularly special session last week – NYC production company Apostrophe 3 came by to film a “song in a day” mini documentary here with their new RED 8K camera. The film will show a tune being written and recorded from scratch in a single day. I’ll share a link when it comes out!